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Rihanna American super heavyweights singer has declared the launch of its own brand cannabis. Company founded procedure also seems to be progressing. I want to focus on this big news, that the United States of cannabis legalization and commercialization is, is progressing at great pace. So, in the United States cannabis is he legitimate. Rihanna I cannabis brand [Mariana], do euphony is not that good. The Tteyuu okay to such a pun like a thing in the cannabis but it is difficult to understand sensuously of us Japanese. Rihanna actually has professed a love cannabis from before cannabis is legalized in the United States, is a state of motivated in the cannabis ban. Besides, Snoop Dogg American tycoon hip-hop artists have decided to establish the cannabis brand, cannabis brand participation of musicians and artists is likely to continue. Addicts continued to flow in many underground cannabis. I guess the timing, which now became the ban get the mover advantage.



リアーナはアメリカ合衆国出身の歌手・モデルです。16歳にアメリカでメジャーデビューを果たし、1200万枚のアルバムセールスを記録するなど、世界的なヒットを排出しているアーティスト。下記の動画リンクは【Where Have You Been】という曲。クセがなく聴きやすいのでUPしてみました。

By the way, what kind of person I Rihanna
Rihanna is a singer-model born in the United States. Plays a major debut in the United States in 16 years, 12 million sheets, such as recording the album sales, artists have discharged a worldwide hit. The following video link – Where Have You Been] song called. Since the habit is easy to listen without tried to UP.




In the United States continue to accelerate cannabis business! ?
Former officers or to enter the cannabis business of Microsoft, or can cannabis coffee, in the United States has accelerated the cannabis business like crazy. In Japan, it grows wild cannabis in Hokkaido, attracts there across the country enthusiasts of cannabis. Police By spree caught the people who came to collect the cannabis, pattern cannabis business has been established! ? Guess is around bad people are selling later.



I think cannabis is useless in Japan?
In Japan, for GHQ in 1948 enacted the cannabis in drugs, are prohibited even now.



Finally. The future of cannabis circumstances
Since the obtained information in Yahoo! News, we crucifixion the URL below.




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